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Watch the quick and dirty video about PP1.14 recorded in the last week of class:

PP1.14 | A course on transmedia storytelling. from Kyla Brettle on Vimeo.

Check out all student production Projects HERE and cruise through all research reports HERE


week 12 round up

Well done everyone!

I thought your presentations went very well on Friday (and apologies again for problems and delays at the start of the session)

Now we really are on the home stretch with two final pieces of work to deliver… I’ve copied and pasted some notes from the assignment sheets regarding the assignments below – but do read the sheets one last time before you deliver to ensure you have ticked all the boxes. Emma and I will be moderating all the marks for the assignments but we won’t be writing out feedback sheets – if you do want feedback on a task we will be happy to have a meeting with you to discuss it.

Other than that – if you do think you are going to be late submitting a piece of work discuss this (via email) with your tutor prior to the delivery date – and, a reminder that we would really appreciate it if you filled in the PP1 Course Experience Survey.

Do continue watch this space – once all the assignments are in we’ll be posting them here as the PP1.14 archive.

Good luck and hang in there – the mid-semester break is nigh….



(from the assignment sheet) The final project is to be delivered electronically as two URL’s (project and bible). Both are DUE by 5pm FRIDAY JUNE 6, 2014. Please submit via Blackboard email to ensure your submission is logged.

Ensure you include all elements below:

  • While not all elements of the project have to be linked to on your submission PROJECT URL – the reviewer has to be able to access all parts of the project via the submission URL
  • Ensure you have a comprehensive credit page somewhere on your PROJECT – credit yourselves, supervising producer, RMIT technical staff, those who assisted or featured in the work as well as all music and other media (that you didn’t generate) used in the piece
  • Ensure your BIBLE includes any location, music, personal release forms and permissions required and gained for the production.

Evaluate and present insights into transmedia production with reference to your production experience. Submit your findings as a short 1200 word reflective learning report. Do follow guidelines for reports written on the assignment sheet. The report is due by 5pm on Friday June 13, 2014. You may deliver your report electronically via the Course Blackboard email or as hardcopy via the assignment delivery box in building 9. Level 4 Reception.


week 11 round-up

In class each student conducted an in-depth review of another groups’ draft project. It great to see such high levels of thought and attention given to this task – and I’m sure the final projects will be significantly stronger as a result. Getting an outsider to review your project (without instruction or guidance from you) is extremely valuable and I recommend you rope all your friends and family into going through it for you (if you want to use the ‘review form’ you can download it from PP1blackbaord/course content/week 11). The peer feedback forms can be collected from reception in building 9, level 4.

We also discussed the project bible which will be delivered at the same time as your production project URL (it’s actually considered to be part of the project). You will find notes about this in the ‘Task2 production assignment’ sheet – it’s a good time to review this. There is information about project bibles spread throughout the online lecture materials. Of particular use will be Christy Dena’s material – the TM Primer P1 (https://docs.google.com/a/rmit.edu.au/presentation/d/1zP2d0-X_x9kmWC-NrAV3NDZdUgqeepqJ3q2U4vBpqjM/edit#slide=id.p3). Providing information about your story and project architecture is probably something you can ‘roll out of bed and recite’ as we’ve been discussing this since we started the projects in week 5.

The work we have done on user experience over the past two weeks should help you in thinking about your audience/users and how they might move through, engage with and generally ‘experience’ your project. Dena’s  TM Primer P4 (https://docs.google.com/a/rmit.edu.au/presentation/d/18jUMtZ87Jw1pCnm8bgVFMQK3sBoh7_N_BfgPcvGiCl8/edit#slide=id.p5) outlines the three different profiles/perosna’s (casual, active, enthusiastic) you should think about in relation to your project – and the peer feedback a good sense of how other’s might interpret your work. While we are on the subject revision and user experience design – now is probably a good time to re-read the articles in the second half of lecture 4 (https://storify.com/KylaBrettle/pp1-14-4-transmedia-engagement-and-user-experience)

A plan for week 12 (workshop and lecture) is up on blackboard. Key things to remember

  • conduct self-assessment2 before your weekly workshop,
  • ensure you attend the workshop so you and your group can do peer moderation2,
  • ensure the project  URL on the ‘draft project’ page on this blog is updated by 5pm Wednesday  May 28 (Jim will review projects that evening and the next day)
  • All groups to have their 3 minute project ‘pitch’ prepared for the presentation on Friday May 30 – and if you want to use slides – send these to Kyla by 2pm that day.

Week 10 round-up

Week 10 already!

In the workshops interaction designer Reuben reviewed each project – giving feedback and advice. It feels like good timing for this session as all the projects seem to be finding their form  and starting to hang together as integrated works – giving us all the opportunity to get down and dirty with some of the key creative problems of transmedia storytelling – channelling migration and crafting user experience

An important class next week – each workshop will be conducting detailed reviews of another workshop’s projects. For this to be effective all Wednesday groups should ensure their ‘draft project url’ on the ‘draft project page’ is as current as possible by Monday 3:30 – and the Monday class needs to do the same by Wednesday 9:30. All feedback will be in an envelope at building 9 level 4 reception for you to collect on Thursday morning.

More on housekeeping – just a reminder that the PP2 presentation in our Friday lecture period is next week (week 11) – not this week.

A workshop plan for week 11 is up on blackboard

week 9 round-up

In the workshops we discussed the structure and focus of the next few weeks of the course and the ‘project bible’ you’ll be handing in as part of your production assignment. We also had a long consult about the project during which we discussed Jim’s feedback and how you intend to respond. We also sat down and went through your projects and talked about the sorts of things the project will be marked on. This was partly about giving you an indication of your project progress in the absence of an actual interim grade.

Projects that are on track to ‘D and HD land’ at this point in time basically have the structure, story, and media in place and are working on things like smoothing and diversifying migratory cues, tightening existing media elements, ensuring the theme and and also visual design are clear and consistent throughout… they might need a story twist or another small element but are basically focused on making the project gel together as an experience of an interconnected whole.

Projects that are not on track at this point in time (but still have a good four weeks to turn this around) do not have a ‘working whole’ to hone and refine, the projects are still in bits and sketches and need a lot of explanation to make sense – significant media is yet to be made, the story is still lacking drive or hooks or turning points, the migratory cues are not clear to other people … If your group project is in this state at the moment then think of it as an orange warning light on the dash flashing at you… I stress that it’s still entirely possible to get a very strong grade for the final project, but you will need to use this week to  ‘catch up’ and get back on track…

As you know, for the next few weeks we’ll be needing to look at the most current version of the project every week in workshops. I’ve made a ‘project draft‘ page on this blog to make this easy. If you make changes to the project we should be able to see them as you add them, but if change your entry url, you must email your tutor with the new url – no one wants to hear or give feedback on a 2 week old draft!

I’ll put a plan for next weeks workshop up on backboard presently.

week 8 round up

Week 8 was a bit of a watershed – we completed part two of this three part course (probably the most difficult part), got to explore of all the projects emerging from the course and presented our work to our industry consultant, Jim Shomos.

In the workshops we discussed self-assessment and conducted peer moderation. Some students hadn’t prepared self assessment in advance as requested – this slowed things up in class and resulted in some unproductive time.  Peer moderation seemed to go well, all the groups appear to be working pretty effectively together with no major ‘dramas’. Peer moderation is a powerful tool – it takes maturity and insight to decide when and where it should be used – and from our perspective, it looks like all of you ‘stepped up to the plate’.

The criteria you are moderating each other by, however, isn’t the only thinngs you need to make a good collaboration…

In the past four to five weeks have you and your group mistakenly doubled up on any task?, been unsure of what you should do next or what other group members are doing? Got your wires crossed about what ‘story you are in’? Missed an important group message? Etc… if so, then now  is a good time to think about how you can improve and streamline the processes, tools and strategies you group use in working together… if you can’t improve your group communication and organisation ‘infrastructure’ then at least take a moment to think about how you might improve the organisation of the project for next time….

I think the project presentations went well – I think we have a great suite of creative works and some real talent in the course. I thought Jim’s feedback was really valuable and should have given you all something fresh to think about and aim towards in this next stage of project development. Jim thinks a couple of the projects in the group ‘have legs’ and urge you to try ‘getting them up’ outside uni. He also asked me to impress upon you the importance of taking any presentation in public and particularly to industry – very seriously and to ensure you put your best foot forward. He has done a few of these consult sessions for AFTRS and other schools and as a result taken on a student project as EP and also been instrumental in realising a student project by introducing them to an experienced producer… Speaking with Jim before the presentations he said he was pretty gentle on the projects, knowing it was only a first draft. In the next presentation (week 12) he will be thinking about how you responded to his advice/feedback and will be expecting more of the works as they will be presented as finished.

One of the benefits of being at school is that it’s a great space to try, experiment, take risks, push the boundaries of what you can do or get away with not doing – and if it falls in a heap, that’s okay – well, at least it’s not going to ‘stick’ like it does in industry or ‘the real world’ as many call it… Over the past 8 weeks there has been more than the usual amount of work handed in late, submission urls’s not checked, course materials and instructions not read or heard or followed, requests for hand-holding, assignments completed on the day they are due … for the most part Emma and I have let this go after a few words – because you are students and you are learning to organise, conduct and present yourselves professionally – but this leniency will only be worth something to you in the long term if you learn how to do it better next time and understand that next year, this kind of sloppiness will hinder you. So, for this final third of the course, I urge you to pretend this is ‘the real world’ – for your sake, not for your tutors.

And once again – well done! We’ve got over the biggest hump in the course and from here it is all about working your projects up so they really shine and are truly engaging – demonstrating your skills, knowledge and learning in practice rather than theory.

Week 9 plan up on blackboard.


Location: 80.11.10 (building 80, level 11, room 10)
Time: 4:30-6:30, Friday May 2, 2014

This Friday May the 2nd the whole PP1.14 cohort will be gathering together at the same place at the same time to share, present and review your…. Transmedia production projects (iteration#1).

It’s an opportunity to get a sense of what everyone else is doing in the course, see if your own project ‘works’ the way you intend and receive industry feedback that can help shape the development of the project over the next stage of production.

Jim Shomos, award winning writer, director and producer across a range of media has generously agreed to act as our ‘industry consultant’ and will give each project group individual feedback and advice.

Jim will be reviewing the projects over the next couple of days – to make the most of the presentation session we highly recommend you review these projects in advance too. All project URL’s submitted by 5pm today (Wed) will be listed in this post – any project groups submitting late can attach their URL as a comment on this post (We can’t guarantee projects submitted late will be reviewed by Jim)

Presentation Rundown – groups will introduce their projects with a short 2-3minute presentation with slides – then Jim will give comments and feedback.

(note about the presentation slides – slides will be played off Kyla’s computer – please either email them to Kyla before Friday or bring them in on a USB stick and arrive a little early so they can be loaded up and are ready to go – for notes on what is required see this post )



The Giant | http://theselfishgiant.wix.com/allcoveredinblossoms

2BR02B | https://docs.google.com/document/d/1M94jHncdyjJ6vbTjpkVpi2JhjDxA2v9a92tX3FYgDUk/edit?usp=sharing

The Blake Brothers | https://www.facebook.com/theblakebrotherstransmediaproject


Sherlock Holmes | http://s3380141.wix.com/holmespage

Hansel & Gretel | http://hanselandgretelproject.weebly.com

Loch Ness | http://radiowizard174.wix.com/loch-ness-


Snow White Murder Mystery | http://blogwithwordsetc.wordpress.com/2014/04/30/snow-white-murder-case-draft/

Same-Sex Marriage | http://sabiharb.wix.com/productionproject14


Hannah Huxley |  http://hannahhuxley1.wix.com/mydesk

The Squaw Submission | http://www.thesquaw.com/draft/

(11 Who Is Hyde? | https://www.dropbox.com/home/Public/PP1 )