week 1 in review

Hello All,

So, Production Project 1 2014 is now live and moving.

In the workshops this week we went through introductions, course clarification and discussion about convergence and the digital revolution  – the context which makes transmedia storytelling possible.

This discussion should have been revision for all – but if you don’t feel confident that you are across this stuff – recap with this short video below or for an overview, read the introduction chapter to Jenkin’s Convergence Culture.

We leapt into things today by selecting groups for your Task 1 research presentations. There is a list of all the research groups on the page above – and the names of the texts groups have elected to examine. We are expecting you to analyse a fiction or non-fiction transmedia project – but is okay to analyse a transmedia advertising campaign, event or even constructed identity. Covering  a work without strong narrative elements will be a bit more tricky in terms of discussing how the elements contribute to and expand the world, plot, characters  – but the results also could be very interesting. The important thing is you choose something you find engaging and are able to draw relevant insights to apply to your own project.

Groups were self-selected today. If you were unable to attend class this week, contact a group (preferably a 2 person rather than 3 person one) and ask if you may join. Otherwise, we can sort it out next week, going solo is an option for this assignment.

An outline for next weeks workshop is up on Blackboard – you’ll note that we will be discussing the online lecture materials, so please make sure you get through it. 🙂

All the best,

Kyla & Emma


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