week 2 in review

It’s all go.

In the workshops this week we discussed transmedia in detail; what it is, where it’s come from and how it’s changed, different types of TM, key components/attributes and terms… we also drew on your existing knowledge to think about key skills and roles that each TM prod group would need to ‘get the job done’ – and then we put you into groups (trying to make sure we had a good spread of skills across key areas in each prod). Then we talked about peer moderation and the assessment task 2…So, in other words, lots!

Uptake on the online lectures was a bit patchy – so a friendly reminder that the online lectures are really important in terms of giving you the knowledge and language you need in order to pass the research task and prepare you for the production task. Go through them in a space/time where you can concentrate/focus and take notes to remind you of key points. Class discussion about the lecture content is supposed to help you absorb and process, explore, play and generally build your confidence in talking/thinking about information delivered in the ‘online lecture’… it’s not where you should be hearing about and grappling with and being confused by ‘on the fly’ explanations of this stuff for the first time…

Think of this first four week ‘R&D’ period of the semester as an ‘intensive course’ on TM (and the first assessment task demonstrating what you have learnt)  – after that, no more lectures and reading and you will be switching to the mode of ‘learning by doing’.

Now that you are in your production groups – it’s tempting to race ahead and get down and dirty with the business of production and casting and writing scripts and generally locking things in …. I’d like you to hold off until week 5, however… let your thoughts and ideas about what you can do with TM percolate – or ‘float’ in that magical space where the project you are about to make can be anything and all possibilities are open … enjoy this time before great ideas get  compromised in the process of metamorphosing into artefacts…

What you can do to ensure your prod group is in pole position when we do start making is to ensure the foundations of your team are really solid (you know each others strengths and weakness etc), that your peer moderation criteria is meaningful and helpful, that you set up some systems/protocols/technology that will help your group communicate and share effectively during the project – and that you are all reading some short stories (that could be the basis of a project)

So that’s a wrap for week 2.

I’ve put an outline for week 3 on Blackboard/content/week3


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