week 3 in review

In a nutshell … we reviewed narrative analysis (learnt in earlier years of the course) and workshopped expanding a single story into a transmedia narrative.  In the coming weeks we’ll be exercising and building on this knowledge as we get down and  dirty with complex, interlocking narrative structures.

The short story you choose to base your projects on is really important. Hopefully you have all read several – so your group has a good pool to choose from. Note that we will be finalising and locking in your short story in the next workshop. The online lecture this week should help you make the decision – and it’s fine to come into the workshop with a shortlist of works – but you will have to decide on the day.

You also received feedback on your draft ‘peer moderation and self-assessment criteria’ this week. This too will be locked in during the week4 workshop.

We ‘touched base’ in relation to the research task due 5pm Friday March 28 and you had an opportunity to seek clarification and individual advice on the assignment.  If you have been through all the lectures, explored one transmedia work in detail and done a modicum of independent investigating into TM – you should find this task easy.

A plan for next weeks workshop is in blackboard.


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