week 4 in review

This week in the workshop we started with a review of Lecture#3 Designing TM Projects. This lecture gets into the nuts and bolts of key elements to consider in the design of TM projects and served as a way to summarise the salient points you need to keep in mind as we enter the next phase of the course. We also built on last weeks discussion about narrative and expansion strategies (what we are telling) to talk about (how we will tell) medium and platform – we listed all the media/platforms available to you in your projects and talked about the affordances of these different media – and how you might exploit these affordances in your projects… (since it is ‘on topic’ this week thought I would throw in a little talk I gave – see below – on the characteristics of audio as a vehicle for storytelling)

We also ‘locked in’ (signed, sealed and delivered) your peer moderation criteria and the short story text that will form the basis for your projects. You should now have a really strong group (have technical and conceptual systems in place to support group governance, communication and distribution of workload)  and a great starting point for your projects in the short story….

Now – four weeks into the course and the end of the R&D ‘phase’ – after working your way though the online lecture content, analysing a TM project in detail, doing some independent reading – discussing this in class and doing some related exercises that help you associate new information with what you have already learnt in the media program…. You feel ready to tackle the main production task.!** I’d like to congratulate you and  urge you to celebrate this milestone in the course this weekend!

Starting from next week we’ll be changing things up – there will be no more lectures – and the structure of the workshops will shift from focusing on tutor-led discussion and activities to working much more closely with content developed and instigated by you (your developing projects and you leading class discussion around your research task) – looking forward to it!


  • Overview of next weeks workshop in Blackboard/Course Content/week 5
  • Also PP1.14 Task1 – Research Presentation – Submission NOTES in Blackboard/Announcements

(**If you don’t feel confident about about this stuff at this point in time – I recommend you read more about TM, explore more TM projects and look at the research tasks which will be shared via this blog ASAP after you deliver them on Friday)

Sonic Writing from Kyla Brettle on Vimeo.


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