week 5 in reivew

The plan for the workshops this week was to spend the half discussing one or two of your research tasks and the insights you have gleaned – and the second half having production group meets and 20 minute consults with your tutor. In the middle there we wanted to clarify expectations around the assignment and the week 8 presentations.

Apologies for this late weekly round-up and again to my (Kyla’s) classes – I’ve been unwell this week. Hopefully you have been checking out some of the research tasks that have been uploaded to the blog and had a productive production group meetings this week. Some groups have sent me conceptual outlines for their projects and I’m excited by the quality and potential of the ideas taking shape …

Just a few notes about where we are in the ‘narrative’ of PP1.14 …

Weeks 5 – 8 represent the PHASE 2 of the course during which you will produce Project Iteration#1. The focus of this phase is on making and practice-based learning (so no more reading). While you are not required to keep a blog/journal for this period – we highly recommend you do. At the end of semester you will be expected to discuss details of what you learnt/experiences during this period – with reference to examples (see Task#3 outline for details). Keeping a public or private journal (in any media) of your reflections on this production period will undoubtably improve the quality, originality, accuracy and authenticity of the insights and knowledge you can draw on and discuss…

Your immediate challenge is looking down the barrel of having roughly 4 weeks (including easter break) to come up with a working copy of the transmedia project.

The expectation is that your draft project includes:

  • Four (minimum) distinct media platforms/spaces/elements – full draft or rough-cuts – not an outline or a storyboard or a holding page – but the actual media
  • A working project structure and migratory cues and pathways connecting platforms/elements.
  • Basic visual design elements – the draft shows the ‘look and feel’ of your project/world

You’ll also need to prepare a short (3minute) project presentation (3-4 slides max). This should tell us:

  • inspiring story and your interpretation of it
  • your core theme and controlling idea
  • your project map indicating the platforms used and how they connect.

You must deliver the group’s single project URL to Kyla via Blackbaord email by 5pm Wednesday April 30, 2014. At 5:01 on the dot I will send the delivered URL’s to our industry consultant, Jim Shomos (he’ll have something like 48 hours to go through them in detail). Later that night I’ll put all the URL’s (including any stragglers delivered after 5pm) up on the blog so you guys can check each others projects out ahead of the presentation.

If you can deliver your presentation slides at the same time as the project URL that would be helpful – but if it is too difficult just bring it in on a thumb drive on the day of the presentation.


So, between 4:30-6:30pm on Friday May 2, 2014 we will use our scheduled lecture period for the first time this semester. Please get there on time.

(I’ll have all submitted presentation slides loaded up on my computer to save time fluffing with the technology – but if you are brining yours in on a stick -please seek me out at the beginning of the session)

We’ll have 11 projects to get through in this session – time will be tight – so if all groups deliver on time that means 10 minutes per project (we’ll have more time for each project if any groups deliver their URLs late). It will basically run; 1 or 2 group members will take centre stage and run us through the 3 minute presentation (I’ll cue the slides) and Jim will provide 7 minutes of considered comments, feedback and suggestions… It will be an intense session – and I recommend you all go out together afterwards to celebrate getting past this milestone….

So, this is what we are going to be working towards in the workshops in the next few weeks – hold onto your hats – it will be a fast and furious period of making!

Plan for next weeks workshop up on Blackboard.


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