Task 1: Anchorman 2

Christine Butcher (3330185)


Anchorman 2


Dowd, Tom. Michael Fry, Michael Niederman, Josef Steiff (2013). Storytelling Across Worlds: Transmedia for Creatives and Producers. New York: Focal Press (p.3-32)


In Dowd’s article “…..” he describes transmedia as a product and process of storytelling; building on the end product, or original product of a story to create a transmedia narrative which transcends the original storytelling medium itself in order to provide audiences with an opportunity to further their engagement with the story and/or elements of the story, interactively participate in the world of the story and subsequently capture their imagination. In turn, if executed successfully, this can generate much more exposure and possibly revenue for the product.


Success rides on certain aspects of the narrative and the way it is developed into a transmedia experience. Dowd believes that transmedia is most conducive to stories with a complex universe, rich back story or mythology as these stories have diverse characters and universes to be explored. The more platforms with which this exploration is undertaken, the better, according to Dowd and such exploration should be serving more to the audience than just adapting the same story to different media, ‘each expression has to tell a complete piece of a larger story.’ Dowd notes the Internet as the most powerful tool with which to do so, allowing producers to distribute content, communicate with audiences, create viral marketing and much more.





  • Branding- utilize a highly regarded pre-existing characters as mascots to benefit both parties
  • Bombard your audience with a plethora of exclusive new content
  • You can inject your product/production directly into a specific market via customised content
  •  Use existing resources to create brand new pieces of content and extend the life of the story
  • Extra content is just as valuable as primary product
  • Viral content is most successful when kept short and sweet
  • Guerilla publicity stunts keep it fresh and interesting
  • Segment content by target audience
  • Consumer created content is a powerful tool, promoted in form of competition or similar, they can evangelise on your behalf

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