week 6 round up

Golly – half way through the course and semester. It goes so quickly!

Righto – in the workshops, some research task groups gave presented their work live and then we spent the rest of the workshop with project consults.

A few general points about the developing projects….

> It goes without saying that your projects need to be TRANSMEDIA narratives – this can include but is not solely – an ARG or game, a participatory or UGM project, an interactive website or webdrama … if you are unsure about the difference between these forms (and the difference between a re-boot and an adaptation and transmedia expansion – which you also need to know in order to complete the assignment) please review your notes from the first four weeks of the course.

> Remember that a key aim of PP1 is to further develop your storytelling skills – so when we mark your work we will be privileging quality and complexity of the distributed narrative over media production values. Last year in TV-Radio you leant how to make relatively high end, richly textured single media works of up to 10 minutes – this semester you are focusing on different stuff…

> The point above is not to say that your artefacts shouldn’t be clever, elegant and highly suited to the medium deployed – your challenge is to be creative within the limitations of time and resources in terms of expressing your stories – so think through the implications of a concept that involves a a big cast, lots of locations, actors, extensive lights… and be open to telling a parts of the narrative in images and text as opposed to a short film or audio feature.

> Set-ups and pay offs are really important… if you add a piece of media to your story you need to set it up in other parts of the story and give users some kind of pay off for going there… don’t mistake redundancy for depth in TM. Users need to want to click on that button to experience the next part of your story becuse the story makes them do it – not because there happens to be a button/link at the bottom of the page…

> Finally – read the assignment sheet again – now is a good time to remind yourself of what is required – if you have questions or are unclear ask your tutor about it  workshop7

workshop 7 outline in blackboard


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