Week 7 round up

In the workshops today we made a start on individual progress meetings (to be continued in wk.8) and and we had another project-group consultation session.

Most of the projects have now found their conceptual feet – the works are in a space where they are looking pretty tight on paper and in theory our users go from here to there and make these connections along the way …. But we won’t really know that this will ‘work’ until you give it a red-hot-go and put it all together in a pretty ‘complete’ draft…

Some students have been putting the squeeze on me by asking how complete it really needs to be … I guess, make it as good as you can with what you have but ensure you do the most important bits first. The bottom line is that it needs to be complete enough for Jim Shomos and the rest of the third year media cohort to be able to make sense of work, experience it along the lines you intend,  and be in a position to give you some meaningful feedback …

So, for those of you who self-identified as responding well to deadlines – this is your moment – you have just under two weeks to come up with a working, completed transmedia project.

The first week after easter, our ‘week 8’, represents the end of the second phase of the course. So in the workshops we will be conducting peer moderation and sharing self-assessment. You don’t need to do anything to prepare for peer moderation other than come to class (the whole thing will be done in the workshop) but you do need to write up and print out your self-assessment 1 and bring it to the week 8 workshop. You will find the self-assessment form in blackboard – you’ll need to fill in section2.  Week 8 plan up on blackboard too.

And my last bit of advice – and perhaps the best bit of advice I have to give – is don’t forget to enjoy making media … as you put these works together I hope you have lots of those moments … when you look at the clock thinking 10 minutes must have passed and realise you have been completely absorbed for several hours… when you get that thrill and sense of satisfaction when you manage to make that thing connect and work well… when the whole venture seems so completely mad that you start laughing and only the others in the group can really understand the joke.

Happy easter  and mid-term break


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