week 9 round-up

In the workshops we discussed the structure and focus of the next few weeks of the course and the ‘project bible’ you’ll be handing in as part of your production assignment. We also had a long consult about the project during which we discussed Jim’s feedback and how you intend to respond. We also sat down and went through your projects and talked about the sorts of things the project will be marked on. This was partly about giving you an indication of your project progress in the absence of an actual interim grade.

Projects that are on track to ‘D and HD land’ at this point in time basically have the structure, story, and media in place and are working on things like smoothing and diversifying migratory cues, tightening existing media elements, ensuring the theme and and also visual design are clear and consistent throughout… they might need a story twist or another small element but are basically focused on making the project gel together as an experience of an interconnected whole.

Projects that are not on track at this point in time (but still have a good four weeks to turn this around) do not have a ‘working whole’ to hone and refine, the projects are still in bits and sketches and need a lot of explanation to make sense – significant media is yet to be made, the story is still lacking drive or hooks or turning points, the migratory cues are not clear to other people … If your group project is in this state at the moment then think of it as an orange warning light on the dash flashing at you… I stress that it’s still entirely possible to get a very strong grade for the final project, but you will need to use this week to  ‘catch up’ and get back on track…

As you know, for the next few weeks we’ll be needing to look at the most current version of the project every week in workshops. I’ve made a ‘project draft‘ page on this blog to make this easy. If you make changes to the project we should be able to see them as you add them, but if change your entry url, you must email your tutor with the new url – no one wants to hear or give feedback on a 2 week old draft!

I’ll put a plan for next weeks workshop up on backboard presently.


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