week 11 round-up

In class each student conducted an in-depth review of another groups’ draft project. It great to see such high levels of thought and attention given to this task – and I’m sure the final projects will be significantly stronger as a result. Getting an outsider to review your project (without instruction or guidance from you) is extremely valuable and I recommend you rope all your friends and family into going through it for you (if you want to use the ‘review form’ you can download it from PP1blackbaord/course content/week 11). The peer feedback forms can be collected from reception in building 9, level 4.

We also discussed the project bible which will be delivered at the same time as your production project URL (it’s actually considered to be part of the project). You will find notes about this in the ‘Task2 production assignment’ sheet – it’s a good time to review this. There is information about project bibles spread throughout the online lecture materials. Of particular use will be Christy Dena’s material – the TM Primer P1 (https://docs.google.com/a/rmit.edu.au/presentation/d/1zP2d0-X_x9kmWC-NrAV3NDZdUgqeepqJ3q2U4vBpqjM/edit#slide=id.p3). Providing information about your story and project architecture is probably something you can ‘roll out of bed and recite’ as we’ve been discussing this since we started the projects in week 5.

The work we have done on user experience over the past two weeks should help you in thinking about your audience/users and how they might move through, engage with and generally ‘experience’ your project. Dena’s  TM Primer P4 (https://docs.google.com/a/rmit.edu.au/presentation/d/18jUMtZ87Jw1pCnm8bgVFMQK3sBoh7_N_BfgPcvGiCl8/edit#slide=id.p5) outlines the three different profiles/perosna’s (casual, active, enthusiastic) you should think about in relation to your project – and the peer feedback a good sense of how other’s might interpret your work. While we are on the subject revision and user experience design – now is probably a good time to re-read the articles in the second half of lecture 4 (https://storify.com/KylaBrettle/pp1-14-4-transmedia-engagement-and-user-experience)

A plan for week 12 (workshop and lecture) is up on blackboard. Key things to remember

  • conduct self-assessment2 before your weekly workshop,
  • ensure you attend the workshop so you and your group can do peer moderation2,
  • ensure the project  URL on the ‘draft project’ page on this blog is updated by 5pm Wednesday  May 28 (Jim will review projects that evening and the next day)
  • All groups to have their 3 minute project ‘pitch’ prepared for the presentation on Friday May 30 – and if you want to use slides – send these to Kyla by 2pm that day.

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