week 12 round up

Well done everyone!

I thought your presentations went very well on Friday (and apologies again for problems and delays at the start of the session)

Now we really are on the home stretch with two final pieces of work to deliver… I’ve copied and pasted some notes from the assignment sheets regarding the assignments below – but do read the sheets one last time before you deliver to ensure you have ticked all the boxes. Emma and I will be moderating all the marks for the assignments but we won’t be writing out feedback sheets – if you do want feedback on a task we will be happy to have a meeting with you to discuss it.

Other than that – if you do think you are going to be late submitting a piece of work discuss this (via email) with your tutor prior to the delivery date – and, a reminder that we would really appreciate it if you filled in the PP1 Course Experience Survey.

Do continue watch this space – once all the assignments are in we’ll be posting them here as the PP1.14 archive.

Good luck and hang in there – the mid-semester break is nigh….



(from the assignment sheet) The final project is to be delivered electronically as two URL’s (project and bible). Both are DUE by 5pm FRIDAY JUNE 6, 2014. Please submit via Blackboard email to ensure your submission is logged.

Ensure you include all elements below:

  • While not all elements of the project have to be linked to on your submission PROJECT URL – the reviewer has to be able to access all parts of the project via the submission URL
  • Ensure you have a comprehensive credit page somewhere on your PROJECT – credit yourselves, supervising producer, RMIT technical staff, those who assisted or featured in the work as well as all music and other media (that you didn’t generate) used in the piece
  • Ensure your BIBLE includes any location, music, personal release forms and permissions required and gained for the production.

Evaluate and present insights into transmedia production with reference to your production experience. Submit your findings as a short 1200 word reflective learning report. Do follow guidelines for reports written on the assignment sheet. The report is due by 5pm on Friday June 13, 2014. You may deliver your report electronically via the Course Blackboard email or as hardcopy via the assignment delivery box in building 9. Level 4 Reception.



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