Learning Tasks

RESEARCH TASK. In small groups of two to three students you will research, analyse and summarise transmedia storytelling as it is expressed in self-selected industry and academic texts. The focus of this task is to hone your production-focused research skills and extrapolate key information relevant to yourself and your peers as makers of small-scale, low-budget transmedia works.

PRODUCTION PROJECT. In large groups of approximately six students you will develop, produce and present three iterations of a transmedia production project. The work is to be based on an existing royalty-free short story and must include four distinct story components (an adaptation of the existing short story and three transmedia expansions). The production project will be represented by two URL’s and consist of both a publically accessible ‘front end’ and a closed ‘back end’ (project ‘bible’) which explains the project design. The task aims to further develop your production skills and ability to use practice as a learning methodology to explore new media forms. Creating an effective collaborative group able to negotiate consensus around peer moderation of grades is also a key part of the learning activity. Self-assessment will also be a significant component of this task.

REFLECTIVE LEARNING REPORT. You will also be asked to write an individual reflective learning report that demonstrates your learning by offering insights into transmedia production you have gleaned over the semester.

> download a full copies of the assignment sheets on RMIT Blackboard


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