Course Outline

Part 1. Research and Development
weeks 1-4
We establish what we are doing here, expectations etc. You get into your production and research groups and set those up, expectations etc. There are no scheduled lectures – but you should use the time to work your way through the 4 x online lectures/readings. You start looking for a short story to base your project on and complete the (tutor assessed) ‘assessment task 1’, research presentation (due at the end of week4).

Part 2. Project Iteration #1
weeks 5-8
You have four weeks (plus easter break) to get together something that looks like a transmedia project based on an existing short story. There are no scheduled lectures in weeks 5-6, so use this time for project group work. In workshops we’ll continue the discussion on transmedia and give you production guidance. You will present your projects for feedback and review to the course group and industry consultant, Jim Shomos in the lecture timeslot in week 8 (you will need to submit a working url two days before presenting). Self-Assessment and peer moderation will be used to appraise your performance during this phase.

Part 3. Project Iteration #2
weeks 9-12
Your group will have four weeks to re-draft the project and shape it into a considered and functioning transmedia experience. Again, lecture time in weeks 9-11 is intended for group work and workshops 9-10 will support production and discussion. In workshops 11-12 you will have an opportunity for individual advice on your project with user experience designer, Reuben Stanton and have other students ‘test drive’ your work and provide detailed feedback. In week 12 you will present your projects for a second round of feedback and review to the course group and Jim. Your performance during this phase will be appraised through self-Assessment and peer moderation.

Final Submissions
week 14
Your groups submits ‘assessment task 2’  the final draft of the transmedia project and bible for assessment and you reflect on what you have learnt during the semester and deliver ‘assessment task 3’, individual learning report.

> a detailed schedule and timetable is available on RMIT Blackboard


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