PP1 Assignment #1 – Harry Potter




– A strong narrative structure is key to establishing a community, the spreadability of the story & the potential for the audience to immerse themselves within the text.

– Transmedia projects are easier to achieve if there is a clear narrative structure and a defined history to the narrative.

– How to establish a world for a narrative (Worldbuilding)

– The importance of continuity in creating a free flowing story.

– Importance of a strong narrative in a transmedia work. When fans really love a story they are willing to spend time and money to stay in the fictional universe for long periods of time

Literature Review by Lauren Burgueno:
Narrative Convergence, Cross-Sited Productions and The Archival Dilemma by Marc Ruppel

The article “Narrative Convergence, Cross-Sited Productions and the Archival Dilemma” by Marc Ruppel is central to the issue of digital preservation and archival in regards to convergent literature…

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